Grade 12 University English Prerequisite- To be mandatory or not to be mandatory?

Ah, here comes the most simple yet complex question that every student will ask themselves at least once in their high school career – “Do I really need this class?” Considering the amount of pressure and conflict students carry on their backs when planning their future and thinking about the prerequisites that are needed for university, the focus of this blog is to discuss whether or not grade 12 University level English should be an entry requirement for all university programs. English happens to be one of the most controversial subjects as there is such an abundance of opinions and bias that comes with analyzing the importance of this course in specific.

Let’s just start with the commonality between almost all university programs – they require English as a prerequisite, and my standpoint on this supports the necessity of the course for a variety of reasons. To sum it up, I am a firm believer in proper use of grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, etc. I also believe that preserving the writings of old literature and continuing it throughout studies is crucial for an enriching and well rounded university experience.

Currently being enrolled in an online English class most certainly shaped my view on the importance of this course. Considering the course itself, many people restrict the content to just a closed classroom where students discuss grammar, write essays and other typical curriculum expectations. But, English is beyond these four walls and unknowingly flows into daily activities. Think about those emails that you compose, letters written or resumes being handed in for a job. What is the core and essential principle that is a similar attribute to all of these? The fundamental basics of English!

On the contrary, I want to mention an argument that students have which contradicts the necessity of English as a prerequisite. Many students who wish to pursue a career in science or mathematics strongly feel that this will not be beneficial for their future endeavours in any way whatsoever. However, lets take an example of the medical field. The root of this field is simple communication. Whether it be enriching and educating oneself with the history of medicine and teaching that to patients, or conferences to

Communication with the patient is very important and English assists in forming oral communication skills!

discuss medical complications with fellow associates. In a 2012 study on Communication Research in Alberta, the results found that miscommunication was the leading social issue faced in most hopsitals across the city (Meneghini, 12). This could be further avoided since communication is a direct branch that stems from the English language, and excelling in this area would better one’s communication techniques, leading to betterment in the field as a whole. 


Furthermore, the emphasis that is placed on note taking and being able to reference ideas which are being included in the works of writing are very crucial for ethical reasons as well. Students, regardless of what field they pursue, will be required to do research and write papers. When referencing ideas they have borrowed, being able to cite the work properly comes into the category of academic honesty and credentials(Virginia News).


Many students, due to the lack of knowledge on plagiarism just copy and paste!

Grade 12 English is a stepping stone that would ensure that students in the future are staying true to plagiarism prevention, thus making them academic scholars with the ability to give credit and uphold the value of originality. 


All in all, grade 12 English by far is the most vital course that would be apparent in almost all post secondary areas, due to the vast information it covers. The fundaments and core foundations are persistent and will carry students through an academic and well rounded post secondary experience. Long live the customary English prerequisite!




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